MPS1 Inhibitors

The development candidate is a potent, selective, orally bioavailable MPS1 kinase inhibitor that has been selected from the multiple chemical series of MPS1 inhibitors developed at The Institute of Cancer Research, London. MPS1 inhibition synergises with clinically relevant concentrations of taxane treatment in vitro and in vivo to induce gross chromosomal segregation defects as a result of the MPS1 inhibitor-mediated abrogation of taxane induced mitotic delay. Tumour regressions have been observed in long-term efficacy studies in models of triple negative breast cancer.

Pre-clinical development is underway and the project has a clear patient selection rationale for the planned clinical studies. The project has a strong intellectual property portfolio with good annual sales potential in areas of high unmet need.

CPF acquired worldwide rights to the project in April 2013 and partnered it in June 2017 to Boston Pharmaceuticals.

The Institute of Cancer Research, London.