AdoRx is focused on the discovery of adenosine receptor antagonists that have been designed to engage their targets in the presence of high adenosine levels in the tumour microenvironment. AdoRx preclinical programs include antagonists of the Adenosine A2A receptor and dual blockade of the A2A/A2B receptors. AdoRx Therapeutics is a UK-based drug discovery company and backed by investment from Epidarex Capital and Sixth Element Capital. The AdoRx leadership team have discovered in excess of 25 clinical candidates and have greater than 60 years combined experience of drug discovery in biotech and pharma.

On 28th February 2019 AdoRx Therapeutics announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC* and the Lung Cancer Initiative at Johnson & Johnson to develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of lung cancer. Under terms of the agreement, AdoRx granted an exclusive option to research, develop and commercialise novel antagonists within the AdoRx portfolio, and the groups will collaborate on drug discovery and preclinical development activities.