Achilles Therapeutics

Achilles is developing immunotherapies to target “truncal” neo-antigens, protein markers unique to each individual and expressed in all their cancer cells. Truncal mutations are not present on healthy cells and therefore provide an exquisite means to direct therapy to every cancer cell in an individual, whilst sparing healthy tissue.

Achilles’ technology brings together two of the fastest developing fields in healthcare today: cancer bioinformatics and immune-oncology, to bring a truly personalised medicine to patients. Achilles will use sequencing data unique to each patient, alongside its proprietary bioinformatics technology, developed in the lab of Professor Charles Swanton, to identify truncal neo-antigens specific to that patient and to direct treatment.

Achilles recently completed a £100m Series B round and a £52.7m Series C round and is supported by a syndicate of international institutional investors. Achilles Therapeutics floated on NASDAQ in March 2021.